Customised automation solutions for assembly and test since 1975.

Samac conceives, builds, installs and services customised machines and plants for automating the assembly and test of mechanical, electromechanical and hyrdomechanical components.

This service starts from inventing “ad hoc” solutions to meet customers’ specific needs, grows through the design and implementation of the system and ends with start-up and post-sales support, which is managed with the utmost responsiveness by having local service units in the main world market areas.

Samac Company has identified the continuous improvement goals, has defined performance indicators and measures their fulfillment through a quality management system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. Thanks to its efforts to improve the environmental protection and to pursue a continuous and consistent R&D process, the company has got qualified with the ISO 14001:2004 environmental certification. Samac has also got qualified with the ISO 45001:2018 certification, which attests the health & safety management in workplaces.
Experience and reliability.

Founded in Brescia in 1975 by local entrepreneurs (including the current CEO, Valentino Vaglia), we now have 3 production sites in Italy, two of which are located in Vobarno (BS) and one in Storo (TN). The corporate structure is composed of a team of over 70 specialists, along with a selected network of external partners and loyal suppliers.

Innovation and resolution capability.

Through the experience gained in over 40 years of continuous research and technological innovation, we offer know-how and highly technological services to our customers, presenting ourselves as a problem solver and continuously updating the solutions proposed with intensive research and development.

Ambition and cooperation.

Our primary objective is to exceed the customer’s expectations, paying the utmost attention to their needs and fostering the creation of a fruitful long-term partnership. Thanks to a local presence with technical and commercial support in key areas of the world market, Samac is able to serve its delocalised customers.

Lean Manufacturing.

Samac is particularly expert in the design and implementation of lean production systems, with the application of Poka-Yoke systems, attention to work station ergonomics, optimisation of set-up times, process data traceability, readiness for any future extensions due to the introduction of new models.

Degree of automation.

By implementing automatic, semi-automatic and manual systems, Samac can offer solutions with a percentage of automation from 0 to 100 % while maintaining high quality and strong competitiveness.

Types of systems.

The solutions are developed around synchronous and asynchronous pallet lines, rotary table machines, integrated systems, robot cells and special systems.

Production capacity.

During the dimensional growth of recent years, Samac has boosted in particular skills in dealing with production peaks, through a network of selected and tested external partners and a detailed management of the planning and of the work advancement controlling organization.


Samac prepares its human and technological resources in order to provide a rapid and effective response to customer requests, whether they are for information, quotations, project progress reports or technical support. The responsiveness indicators are constantly measured by comparison with the customer’s expectations, with the aim of exceeding them.

Benefits offered to our customers/partners.

1. Optimisation of assembly and test cycles.
2. Reduction of production times and costs.
3. Increase in productivity.
4. Increased process safety levels.
5. Process data management and archiving.
6. Optimisation of product and process quality standards.
7. Optimisation of production process monitoring level.
8. Optimisation of final product specification check level.
9. Continual updating on automation technology innovations.

Products assembled and/or tested to date.

Automotive components:
turbocompressors, oil and water pumps, brake systems, audible warning devices, lighting systems, LPG and methane components, EGR valves, pedals, transmission components, power windows, wipers, brushless motors for air conditioning systems, seats, air bags, electronic key readers , lock assemblies, gear components, differential covers, heat exchangers, electric fans, fuse holder bodies, control unit brackets, timing systems, shock absorbers, mirrors, air regulators, oil sumps, speedometers, tachometers, fans, deflector gear motors, steering columns, spare wheel jacks, seats, locks, power locks....;

distributors, valve units, distribution valves, solenoid valves, control unit manifolds, control units, pumps, oleodynamic couplings, level gauges, filters....;

switches, sockets, busbar components, gas valves, valves, pressure regulators, stabilisers, quick couplings, water valves, washbasin ceramic valves, flushing cisterns, washbasin units, ball valves, pipe fittings, centrifugal pumps for heating systems...;

Outdoor appliances:
leisure irrigation pumps, vacuum pumps, piston pumps, vibration pumps, rotary pumps, oleodynamic pumps, pumps for diffusers, pumps for dispensers ...;

White goods:
motors for washing machines and dishwashers, pressure switches, thermostats, irons ....;

Vending machines:
vending distribution components such as coffee grinder and boiler units, and vane and rotary pumps for coffee machines...;

electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, mechanical actuators, positioners, gear motors for automatic gates, parking bollards...;

electric vehicle drives; electronic thermostats....;

Electric motors:
brushless and DC....;

Lock cylinders, handles, internal and external locks...;

Mechanical processing:
machines for riveting, threading, drilling, cutting, chamfering...;

Handling for processing machines:
feeding, selection, handling, with cartesian and anthropomorphic robots...;


Samac has made the concept of support one of its organisation’s key strengths.


Samac makes its most expert and qualified designers available to perform “ad hoc” studies for the customer’s specific requirements, in particular:

• Technical feasibility analysis of the request.
• Analysis of the customer’s requirements.
• Preliminary design study.


Samac makes its organisation available to the project planning and progress control with the customer, by:

• Gantt execution study, showing the checkpoints.
• Technical meetings during design for approval to proceed with implementation.
• Technical meetings during implementation, particularly frequent during debugging.
• Maximum responsiveness to requests for changes/additions while work is in progress.


Samac makes its mechanical, electronic and software technicians available to ensure correct operation of the supplied system throughout its period of use, by:

• Supplying software and paper instruments to aid system management.
• Training the customer’s personnel.
• Scheduled maintenance.
• Supplying a recommended spare parts list.
• Utmost responsiveness to unscheduled interventions.
• Supplying technical and commercial assistance through partners located in the main market areas worldwide.