Assembly machines


Sector Automotive
Type Assembly machines
Year 2000
Dimension 12000 X 1900 X H 3300 mm
Processed product hydraulic shock absorbers


This shock absorber assembly machine is designed to cater for a large range of hydraulic shock absorbers (destined for the motor bike and three wheeler market), in the diameter range of Ø24-Ø40 and in the outer tube length range of 100 – 400 mm .An alternative version of this same machine, could cater for the assembly of the larger series of automotive shock absorbers. The automatic movements of this machine are controlled by a main PLC. Data required for production settings is also entered and stored in a central PC. When a pallet enters an automatic workstation, the pallet code is read and the station is automatically set for the shock absorber which is on the pallet. The PC also reports on the assembly machine productivity and provides graphic displays on machine output, as well as graphic displays on the results of the test station.


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