The Scada "Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition" system offered by Samac, the result of twenty years of experience, was entirely developed and is constantly updated using the latest technology on the market. The search for a continuously evolving standard that will also last over time, without being bound to third-party architectures or dedicated hardware compatible with proprietary busses or hard to procure in the future, has led us to use the following development packages:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 development environment
  • Microsoft C# development language
  • framework used 4.6
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 SP1 database

To make the system as open as possible to future developments, the supervisor has been implemented with a base package and "satellite” modules that can be integrated or not depending on the particular requirement.

The base package offered can be summarised as

• Home Page summary screen
• Log-In/Log-Out Management: User authentication
• Forms: complete recipe management (insertion, modification, deletion, etc.)
• Production/testing results collection: automatic result storage
• Single record screen: all details of the piece are shown
• Production results screen: section to view the data collected
• Exportation of the results grid in csv format:
• Log Management: storage and display of operations performed by the user and the system
• User Definition: management of users with access to the supervisor
• Data backup: daily scheduled automatic copy of the database
• Documentation: display of the documentation in electronic form
• Assigning program area privileges: definition of access areas
• Automatic Start-up: automatic supervisor execution
• Automatic PC shutdown directly from the supervisor
• Installation Technical Information
• Dedicated Setup page
• Cleaning and Support: possibility of cleaning the panel and calling support directly from the HMI
While the various additional modules can be summarised as:
• Multi language: possibility of including multiple languages for use in other countries
• Cmk/Cpk: analysis related to the acquisitions made
• Alarm Management: Acquisition, recognition, logging and search of alarms
• Pdf: generation of technical data in pdf format
• Email Management: send exported data and reports daily by email
• Exports: extrapolation of additional data to csv
• Graphical analysis: extrapolation of data in graphical or tabular format
• Lot Management: possibility of production scheduling

• Manual: moving the machine directly from the supervisor
• Enabling: line monitoring enable/disable management
• Line Stops: acquisition of line stops and machine performance statistics

• Maintenance Management: periodic alerts for scheduled maintenance

• Master Management: acquisition of line Master tests
• Pallet Reject Summary: Reject statistics displayed for number of pallets
• Counters: Display of piece counters, cycle times and alarms for each station and overall
• RFiD Log-in: supervisor access using Rfid technology
• Barcode Log-in: supervisor access using Barcode technology
• Station panel Auto Log-in: unlocking of panels directly from the supervisor
• Production Labels/Printing: possibility of printing labels or sheets

• Video Cameras: display video sources in the supervisor
The system was designed for bidirectional interaction with external applications, various databases and machine hardware. Many implementations have already been tested, the most significant include data exchange with SAP, DB2 and AS400 systems.