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Technical Sheet




Hydraulic shock absorbers

Components per model


12 x 1,9 x 3,3 m


Pallet transfer line, drag type roller chain, structure in aluminum, 12 meters in length, complete with 13 automatic work stations, two manual workstations one of which is only for emergency back-up ,
controlled by a combination of PC and PLC.

Main operations

The automatic workstations perform the following tasks: insertion of the guide sub-assembly into the main tube, radial crimping of the tube, end crimping of tube performed in two stages, test of linear drag force in extension and compression stroke of the shock absorber, micro point marking of the product code, unloading of the finished shock absorber onto the unload transport conveyor, loading of inner tube onto
pallet, calibration of tube end, crimping of tube end, insertion of the piston assembly into the inner tube, metering of hydraulic oil into tube. The operator loads the outer tube into the pallet, loads the compensation valve and piston sub group onto the pallet. The testing of the shock absorber is performed at three speeds. A heavy duty hydraulic power pack supplies the automatic workstations enabling press operations of up to 7000 Kg force. This shock absorber assembly machine is designed to cater for a large range of hydraulic shock absorbers (destined for the motor bike and three wheeler market), in the diameter range of Ø24-Ø40 and in the outer tube length range of 100 – 400 mm. An alternative version of this same machine, could cater for the assembly of the larger series of automotive shock absorbers. The automatic movements of this machine are controlled by a main PLC. Data required for production settings is also entered and stored in a central PC. When a pallet enters an automatic workstation, the pallet code is read and the station is automatically set for the shock absorber which is on the pallet. The PC also reports on the assembly machine productivity and provides graphic displays on machine output, as well as graphic displays on the results of the test station.

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