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In a world where the only certainty seems to be that everything changes, how can companies, complex realities that need stability to thrive, give any kind of guarantee to their stakeholders? How can they plan anything with the constant fear that suddenly another world crisis will erupt, raw material and transport costs will rise, or a capable employee will change job altogether and abandon everything?

We at Samac obviously don’t have a magic wand that will make all these worries disappear, but we can guarantee you our support, as far as we are concerned, in adopting a scalable business model, a company management system capable of “increasing its size – and therefore its customers and its volume of business – even exponentially without using proportional resources[1]” and without decreasing its operational efficiency in the meantime.

The elements that must be adaptable to enable this are:

– The business, i.e. the number of customers and potential customers that the company can handle at the same time;

– The means of production used to offer the required product or service;

– The processes and procedures governing all other activities.

Samac expecially can be a valuable supplier of production means (specifically customised assembly and testing equipment) for various sectors and in the past it has already demonstrated several times that it can successfully design and build lines capable of adapting to numerous possible scenarios. All this is possible thanks to the modular solutions designed by our engineers who, attentive to the needs of operators, always strive to develop effective and user-friendly solutions.

One of the most recent examples is a system built according to the chaku-chaku logic to assemble and test a type of electric oil pump for the automotive sector. This line is made up of 14 benches, 12 Samac and 2 integrated, and currently works in semi-automatic mode (chaku-chaku) but it’s already equipped with solutions that will allow it to switch to fully automatic production if the needed quantities increase. Each bench is prepared for the loading of the various components, their assembly and the testing of the final product thus obtained, as well as for the integration of new models thanks to a manual quick-change system. This is of course coupled with a step-by-step investment plan that allows the customer to have a fairly precise idea of how much it would cost to automate the entire process, thus enabling him to calculate quite accurately the level of production required to move one with the next step.

All these solutions allow users of Samac solutions to enjoy a number of benefits related to scalable business models, such as

– A greater ability to adapt during business fluctuations, thus ensuring less waste of resources without jeopardising one’s competitive advantage;

– Greater operational efficiency due to the numerous analyses made in advance to ensure optimal performance in every situation, which also ensures lower operating costs and higher final profitability;

– Greater attractiveness to potential investors and partners of various kinds, who associate the ability to handle even unforeseen situations with above-average solidity and greater prospects for long-term success.



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