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2023 was a meaningful year for our project “Samac for Education”.

Over the past twelve months we have met more than 180 students, delivered more than 20 hours of technical training, hosted 4 company tours for students and participated in the first incoming-orientation project in collaboration with the technical school of Vobarno.

In 2023, for the first time, two of our colleagues from the technical and software department were also lecturers for some lessons for the Industrial Product and Process Techniques course from the University of Brescia as well.

Thanks to all the students who joined our initiatives, to the teachers that made this possible, and a huge thank you to our collaborators, who try to pass on to the younger generations all the passion for their work!

In the picture: some students of the technical school of Vobarno visiting Samac; the students of the Industrial Product and Process Techniques course with Samac lecturers.


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